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Cake Pops

A while ago I attended a Cake Pops class at 3DCakes and here are the results:

Cake Pops

Cake Pops

I haven’t made them since the course but I think it is because I associate them with making good use of leftover sponge. I really should give them another go as they are a tasty treat and great because they are small (less guilt)! Watch this space… 🙂

Dog tea cosy

I just couldn’t resist knitting this tea cosy for my mum for her birthday! It was great fun to knit and I now love the possibilities I have of using different colours to make a variety of new characters.

dog tea cosy

tea cosy in the style of Gromit the dog.


Empire biscuits

My friend Sheryl recently married and as part of the wedding reception, asked if I would bake her Groom’s favourite sweet – Empire Biscuits. Obviously there had to be a romantic twist!

Empire biscuits with a romantic twist

Empire biscuits with a romantic twist

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