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Mint choc chip cupcakes

My first solo attempt at making cupcakes. I got inspiration after attending a cupcake course at 3D Cakes in Roseburn, Edinburgh.


I made these especially for my colleague Zak who is heading back to the states after a successful 6 month placement in my office – they are a good luck gesture towards his future endeavors (hence the four leaf clover theme).

Midnight snack


Simple yet effective treat – chocolate orange Cornflake crispies!

Adding compiler arguments to mxmlc

The other day I was trying to determine how to add additional compiler arguments in an ANT build file when working with Flex’s mxmlc task. I was surprised to discover that Google was fruitless to my requirements. I therefore thought I needed to rectify this by writing a post!

So if you require to add additional compiler arguments through ANT then you need to use the includes tag as shown in the following snippet:

<target name="buildFlexProject"/>
 <echo message="build MyProj"/>
 <property location="${src.dir}/MyProj" name="MyProj.dir"/>
 <mkdir dir="${stage.air.dir}/MyProj"/>

 <mxmlc file="${MyProj.dir}/src/MyProj.mxml"

  <source-path path-element="${MyProj.dir}/src"/>

  <compiler.library-path append="true"
   <include name="*.swc"/>

  <compiler.library-path append="true"
   <include name="*.swc"/>



Become God for a few minutes

A very funky time lapse – Become God for a few minutes

My dog opening a Christmas present

Not the greatest of recordings but I had to try and capture the moment somehow – unfortunately an HTC Desire was my only means. I am annually entertained by my Jack Russell when he opens his christmas presents; he delicately unwraps the present with his paws. I think it is so adorable.

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