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Banana and Fudge Cupcakes

I have been adding a number of recipes to my ever increasing ‘must bake wish list’ from the book Delia’s Cakes (which I received for my birthday from my Aunt and Uncle – thank you 🙂 ). The following jumped to the top of my wish list and I baked them last weekend:

Banana and Fudge Cupcakes

Banana and Fudge Cupcakes

I took my trusted Banana loaf recipe (sorry cannot share but try this) and created cupcakes which I then iced with Delia’s fudge icing and finished by topping with dark and white chocolate love hearts. A super tasty icing that I will definitely be using again!

Banana and Fudge Cupcakes topped with chocolate hearts

Banana and Fudge Cupcakes topped with chocolate hearts

I also used it to ice my mini loaf cakes and topped with chocolate shavings:

Banana and Fudge Loaves

Banana and Fudge Loaves

Please note that it is best to place the cupcakes/loaves straight into the fridge once decorated so it gives the icing a chance to set.

Mademoiselle Macaron!

Last night I had the opportunity to join 5 others and attend Mademoiselle Macaron’s first class at the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine! It was lots of fun and Rachel is a natural at teaching.

During the class we got taught how to make the following flavours:
– vanilla
– rose
– chocolate
– pistachio
– orange

I was given the task of making the orange variety and they were super tasty. I know what I will be doing this weekend…. 🙂

before placing the macaron's into the oven




The world’s biggest coffee morning

Today I had the pleasure of being involved in my office’s participation in the ‘The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’, a great fund raiser for MacMillan Cancer Support

To begin with I created the nostalgia classic ‘Top Hats’; Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Nestle’s Smarties and marshmallows:

Not the most uniform of Top Hats but as part of the fundraiser, our office hosted the ‘The Great Adobe Bake Off’. I therefore spent most of my time baking my company’s logo into a cake as my entry 🙂 Chocolate cake with a hint of mint with dark chocolate ganache and red and white regal icing:

Homemade With Mess

When I had my old job I worked earlier hours which meant I would finish work at half three and have more time in the evening (I did however go to bed pretty early). This meant that I actually got to spend more time in the kitchen and I pretty much always baked at least once a week. Recently I have become a bit slack on baking and therefore I felt the urge to make cupcakes. I didn’t want to make just any cupcakes; I wanted to try something a little bit different. We have had a bottle of baileys opened in our cupboard since I make a baileys cheesecake back in March, so I figured making these cupcakes was a perfect excuse to use it up. If you like baileys you will LOVE these, infact even if you don’t like baileys then you will probably still love this as…

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Designer Handbag Chocolate Cake

On Sunday I decided to extend my repertoire of skills to create the following Designer Handbag cake. A day’s worth of effort but I think it was time well spent. The downside was that I was exhausted at the end and the finished result weighs a ton – but tastes good 🙂

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