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The world’s biggest coffee morning

Today I had the pleasure of being involved in my office’s participation in the ‘The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’, a great fund raiser for MacMillan Cancer Support

To begin with I created the nostalgia classic ‘Top Hats’; Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Nestle’s Smarties and marshmallows:

Not the most uniform of Top Hats but as part of the fundraiser, our office hosted the ‘The Great Adobe Bake Off’. I therefore spent most of my time baking my company’s logo into a cake as my entry 🙂 Chocolate cake with a hint of mint with dark chocolate ganache and red and white regal icing:

Mint & Chocolate Cupcakes

Last week I had the pleasure of baking chocolate sponge cupcakes topped with a vanilla and peppermint butter cream.


Mint choc chip cupcakes

My first solo attempt at making cupcakes. I got inspiration after attending a cupcake course at 3D Cakes in Roseburn, Edinburgh.


I made these especially for my colleague Zak who is heading back to the states after a successful 6 month placement in my office – they are a good luck gesture towards his future endeavors (hence the four leaf clover theme).

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