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Cuddles with a side of Victoria Sponge

Yesterday I enjoyed lots of cuddles from adorable Isaac when he popped in with his parents Emma and James on their return north from a lovely trip away.

Of course I could not help but make it an excuse to bake. The result was a classic Victoria Sponge 🙂


Yummy! I always use Nigella’s as it was the first I came across in her Domestic Goddess book. It always tastes delicious and rises successfully that I am reluctant to try another but please leave a comment if you can suggest better alternatives and I might give it a go next time.



Enjoying a glass from one of my favourite wine makers…


More Macarons

Last week I was lucky to enjoy my first birthday as a wife (:P) with my lovely husband and the company of my Aunt and Uncle who traveled up from Cirencester. I am also fortunate to celebrate my birthday in the same week as my Mum so there is usually a family get together and this year was no exception with a beautiful trip to Inverness. It was also the perfect excuse for me to cook 150 macarons to accompany our plentiful cups of tea and coffee!!

I made two flavours – Orange and Lime.


Lime macaron shells cooling.


Voila! 5 boxes packed and ready for Inverness 🙂


Here’s one I made earlier…

Here's one I made earlier….


It is a tradition in our team that when it is your birthday you supply the sweet treats. So, last Wednesday when I became a year older, I decide to bake a Scottish classic – Shortbread! 🙂 The photo demonstrate a nice use of tupperware; I was cycling to work that day and so packaging had to be practical as opposed to pretty. 😀


Unfortunately I cannot disclose the ingredients as it is a secret recipe which my Mother in Law has kindly shared with me. It is therefore a myth that all Mother in Laws are evil 😛


Color Hex –

Color Hex –

Useful visual on colours…

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