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Online JavaScript beautifier

This has been really useful today – Online JavaScript beautifier



A very neat JS based spinner with easy integration…

Time to be Sleeping

Last weekend I had the pleasure of travelling to Thurso, Scotland for a film premiere of Time to be Sleeping. Why you may ask…well I was lucky enough to be offered the job of developing the Big Box Network website, the producers of the film.

It is a working progress but I think after an afternoon’s work, the result is not too bad. BigBoxNetwork are an artistic bunch so I know that there will be many future iterations ahead – probably entailing Javascript and AJAX 🙂

We are currently using Distrify, a Glasgow based company, for the distribution of the film. It is a little restrictive to our requirements as 1) we don’t supply and trailer and 2) do not want to offer a streaming option but neither of these exclusions seem to be catered for…?

But like I say, it is a working progress and film distribution is a whole new area for me. But BigBoxNetwork will get there in time for their next film release.

Before I conclude, I have to say thanks to Thurso for such a warm welcome. I last made that long journey to the northern tip of Scotland 17 years ago but I was glad that the locals didn’t make me feel guilty about neglecting them! It is a beautiful part of the country.

So if at all interested please download the film.

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