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Macaron Templates

If, like me, you have become Macaron obsessive then check out the following printable PDF templates supplied by Pure Gourmandise.

Lime Macarons

Lime Macarons with Sprinkles

Mini (25 mm)
Small (35 mm)
Medium (50 mm)
Large (80 mm)


More Macarons

Last week I was lucky to enjoy my first birthday as a wife (:P) with my lovely husband and the company of my Aunt and Uncle who traveled up from Cirencester. I am also fortunate to celebrate my birthday in the same week as my Mum so there is usually a family get together and this year was no exception with a beautiful trip to Inverness. It was also the perfect excuse for me to cook 150 macarons to accompany our plentiful cups of tea and coffee!!

I made two flavours – Orange and Lime.


Lime macaron shells cooling.


Voila! 5 boxes packed and ready for Inverness 🙂


Here’s one I made earlier…

Here's one I made earlier….

Mademoiselle Macaron!

Last night I had the opportunity to join 5 others and attend Mademoiselle Macaron’s first class at the Edinburgh School of Food & Wine! It was lots of fun and Rachel is a natural at teaching.

During the class we got taught how to make the following flavours:
– vanilla
– rose
– chocolate
– pistachio
– orange

I was given the task of making the orange variety and they were super tasty. I know what I will be doing this weekend…. 🙂

before placing the macaron's into the oven




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