Whisky Centrepiece

Adding this post for inspirations/reference to other Brides. I wanted to incorporate my groom’s favourite tipple, Whisky, into our wedding centrepieces and came up with the following idea:

My rough sketch using Adobe Ideas

My rough sketch using Adobe Ideas

Our theme was Purple and Ivory so I bought gel balls from eBay (seller karsanm) and added a mixture of each colour into a Whisky bottle. I then had the dilemma of adding lighting to the centrepiece and as I was using water and had to contend with a bottle top, I could not use solutions such as fairy lights or submersible LEDs. Instead I went for an LED base, similar to this and also bought them from eBay (mani3486).

Table Plan

Table Plan

I then decided that the table names should match the Whisky bottle centrepiece so my Groom, Father, future Brother-in-law and future Father-in-law had a year to consume 12 different bottles of Whisky! The end result’s table plan:


The top table – A bottle of DalmoreSkibo edition

The finishing touch to my rough sketch were the flowers, these were provided by Tigerlily in Alness.

A bottle of Old Pultney

A bottle of Old Pultney


A bottle of Jura

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