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Whisky Centrepiece

Adding this post for inspirations/reference to other Brides. I wanted to incorporate my groom’s favourite tipple, Whisky, into our wedding centrepieces and came up with the following idea:

My rough sketch using Adobe Ideas

My rough sketch using Adobe Ideas

Our theme was Purple and Ivory so I bought gel balls from eBay (seller karsanm) and added a mixture of each colour into a Whisky bottle. I then had the dilemma of adding lighting to the centrepiece and as I was using water and had to contend with a bottle top, I could not use solutions such as fairy lights or submersible LEDs. Instead I went for an LED base, similar to this and also bought them from eBay (mani3486).

Table Plan

Table Plan

I then decided that the table names should match the Whisky bottle centrepiece so my Groom, Father, future Brother-in-law and future Father-in-law had a year to consume 12 different bottles of Whisky! The end result’s table plan:


The top table – A bottle of DalmoreSkibo edition

The finishing touch to my rough sketch were the flowers, these were provided by Tigerlily in Alness.

A bottle of Old Pultney

A bottle of Old Pultney


A bottle of Jura


I got married in June this year and it became (unintentionally) a DIY Wedding for some of the elements. One of my projects was designing and printing the Order of Service. Although time consuming it meant I could add some personal touches to the finished result – one of which was a Norwegian translation of the key aspects of the ceremony.

However I quickly discovered that not all British traditions have an equivalent translation in Norwegian. I wanted this feature in the Order of Service to be a surprise for my family and so I could not lean on them for guidance and so I use this blog to share my findings and thank it’s contributors.

Firstly, thank you to my Norwegian tutor Kari at Edinburgh University and my Uncle for all the proof-reading. Secondly, and most importantly, thank you to Visit Oslo and the Church of Norway for helping me with the translations.

I hope the translations are useful and save time for future brides (and grooms) 🙂

Order of Service

Order of Service

English Norwegian
Order of the day Ordning for vigsel / Vigselsliturgi
Ceremony Bryllupsseremoni
The Welcome Velkommen / Velkomstord
Entrance of the Bride Brud Inngangen / Brudens Inngang
Opening Hymn Åpningssalmen
The Introduction Inngangsord
Readings Symbolhandlinger / Skriftlesning
The Marriage Fremstilling av ekteparet / Ekteskapsinngåelse
Hymn Salme
The Nuptial Blessing Bryllups velsignelse / Forbønn for brudeparet
The signing of the register Signering av Registeret / Signering av Vigselsprotokoll
The Blessing Velsignelse
Recessional Utgang

Calling all Brides 2 Be – Useful theme inspiration sites

If you are still wondering what theme to choose for your big day or are wanting to combine a selection of colours but don’t know where to start then why not check out Kuler and Colour Lovers for inspiration.

They both provide an array of colours, palettes and patterns to help the choosing of a theme for your big day less daunting. Being a B2B myself, I got inspiration from the above sites to determine which colours would be complementary when selecting flowers.

To filter the selection even further, I used a colour picker extension called EyeDropper in my Chrome browser to get the exact rgb/hex values of my bridesmaid dress. In the following screenshot, on the right, I am using the Eye Dropper tool to capture the colour of the blue dress (see the square mouse pointer). The screenshot on the left shows further information about the colour I have captured.

Using Eye Dropper in Chrome Browser

Using Eye Dropper in Chrome Browser

Happy New Year

Wow it is 2012 and it highlights how badly I have neglected my blog! Last submission July 13th – awful! Well the tail end of 2011 was very busy for me. I was lucky enough to present on a Developer tour for my company taking in cities such as Singapore (September), New YorkLA (October) and Munich (November).

December was then a time to reflect, unwind, and make up for the year of neglect by spending time with the family over the festive period. I usually spend the whole festive season in The Highlands of Scotland in my hometown – it is my personal realm of paradise. This year was no exception.

During my travels, I was lucky enough to take some time out in LA. I travelled to Solvang, a Danish town to the west of LA (just north of Santa Barbara), Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Wow I loved Las Vegas, it is like nowhere else on earth. It was here that I had a wonderful, unexpected surprise – whilst turning 29, my boyfriend of 7 years proposed.

So I have to admit that since that glorious day I have began to be consumed by weddings! It is at times like these that my girly girl traits really do struggle for survival – it is really difficult to talk weddings or attempt to show off my engagement ring in a male dominated team. But that hasn’t stopped me 🙂 Being techie, once I had wireless, I started to trawl the app store for wedding related apps. I am currently using Wedding PlanDroid android app. It is free and seems to be doing the trick – although I cannot modify the currency but I really like the transparent startup screen.

I have also registered with Brides. During sign-up it asks for your wedding date and location (unfortunately only US based). It wasn’t apparent at the time but they use this data to send personalised emails. The emails usually consist of a countdown to the date and reminder of tasks that you should be completing within that current time frame e.g. set a date, pick a venue, book the church. A really nice touch.

So future posts will still be techie related but they may have a wedding related twist. One thing is for sure – I won’t wait another 6 months before posting again.

I hope you all have a fantastic 2012!

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