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Calling all Brides 2 Be – Useful theme inspiration sites

If you are still wondering what theme to choose for your big day or are wanting to combine a selection of colours but don’t know where to start then why not check out Kuler and Colour Lovers for inspiration.

They both provide an array of colours, palettes and patterns to help the choosing of a theme for your big day less daunting. Being a B2B myself, I got inspiration from the above sites to determine which colours would be complementary when selecting flowers.

To filter the selection even further, I used a colour picker extension called EyeDropper in my Chrome browser to get the exact rgb/hex values of my bridesmaid dress. In the following screenshot, on the right, I am using the Eye Dropper tool to capture the colour of the blue dress (see the square mouse pointer). The screenshot on the left shows further information about the colour I have captured.

Using Eye Dropper in Chrome Browser

Using Eye Dropper in Chrome Browser

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