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Macaron Templates

If, like me, you have become Macaron obsessive then check out the following printable PDF templates supplied by Pure Gourmandise.

Lime Macarons

Lime Macarons with Sprinkles

Mini (25 mm)
Small (35 mm)
Medium (50 mm)
Large (80 mm)


Banana and Fudge Cupcakes

I have been adding a number of recipes to my ever increasing ‘must bake wish list’ from the book Delia’s Cakes (which I received for my birthday from my Aunt and Uncle – thank you 🙂 ). The following jumped to the top of my wish list and I baked them last weekend:

Banana and Fudge Cupcakes

Banana and Fudge Cupcakes

I took my trusted Banana loaf recipe (sorry cannot share but try this) and created cupcakes which I then iced with Delia’s fudge icing and finished by topping with dark and white chocolate love hearts. A super tasty icing that I will definitely be using again!

Banana and Fudge Cupcakes topped with chocolate hearts

Banana and Fudge Cupcakes topped with chocolate hearts

I also used it to ice my mini loaf cakes and topped with chocolate shavings:

Banana and Fudge Loaves

Banana and Fudge Loaves

Please note that it is best to place the cupcakes/loaves straight into the fridge once decorated so it gives the icing a chance to set.

Cuddles with a side of Victoria Sponge

Yesterday I enjoyed lots of cuddles from adorable Isaac when he popped in with his parents Emma and James on their return north from a lovely trip away.

Of course I could not help but make it an excuse to bake. The result was a classic Victoria Sponge 🙂


Yummy! I always use Nigella’s as it was the first I came across in her Domestic Goddess book. It always tastes delicious and rises successfully that I am reluctant to try another but please leave a comment if you can suggest better alternatives and I might give it a go next time.


More Macarons

Last week I was lucky to enjoy my first birthday as a wife (:P) with my lovely husband and the company of my Aunt and Uncle who traveled up from Cirencester. I am also fortunate to celebrate my birthday in the same week as my Mum so there is usually a family get together and this year was no exception with a beautiful trip to Inverness. It was also the perfect excuse for me to cook 150 macarons to accompany our plentiful cups of tea and coffee!!

I made two flavours – Orange and Lime.


Lime macaron shells cooling.


Voila! 5 boxes packed and ready for Inverness 🙂


Here’s one I made earlier…

Here's one I made earlier….

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